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New issue: Eä Journal, Vol. 3 N°2 - December 2011

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The new issue of Eä - Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology,  Vol. 3 N°2 - December 2011, is now online. Contribute to this issue: Adriana Álvarez, Jaime Bortz, Daniel Blinder (Argentina), Tiffany Ziegler (United States), Rodrigo Vega y Ortega (México), Rui Manuel Pinto Costa (Portugal). Access Vol. 3 N° 2 »
 This issue's contents are:
"Los niños y las enfermedades osteoarticulares entre principios y mediados del siglo XX", by Adriana Álvarez (Argentina)
"The Hospital of Saint John: Exploring Charitable Distribution in High Medieval Brussels", by Tiffany A. Ziegler (Estados Unidos)
"Algunas reflexiones profesionales expuestas en las tesis de Farmacia de la Escuela Nacional de Medicina. La década de 1890", by Rodrigo A. Vega y Ortega (México)    
"'The medical books I have read so far'. A research into the books read by Maimonides (1138-1204) for his medical education", by Jaime E. Bortz (Argentina)   
"O Methodo Facilimo e Experimental, Para curar a maligna enfermidade do cancro: um caso de literatura médico-cirúrgica portuguesa de meados do século XVIII", by Rui Manuel Pinto Costa (Portugal)   

"Ciencia y tecnología en política exterior: notas sobre el Realismo Periférico en el contexto global argentino de la década de 1990", by Daniel Blinder (Argentina)

We invite you to go over the contents of this Vol. 3 Nº 2, to submit papers for consideration for upcoming issues and to keep being part of this community!

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