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Social Media: A guide for researchers

Through the blog Medicina, Hidr_263046c5722b11dec6051ce764dcc4eastoria y Sociedad we came across a good resource for researchers. 'Social Media: A Guide for Researchers' was produced Alan Cann of the Department of Biology at the University of Leicester, and Konstantia Dimitriou and Tristram Hooley from the International Center for Guidance Studies (iCeGS). Guide was published by the Research Information Network (RIN).

The guide aims at discussing the use of social media for research and academic purposes:
implication of social media on how researchers (and people in general) communicate and collaborate, range of tools for finding, using and disseminating information and acadmic contents, the way they can be used to bridge disciplinary boundaries, engage in knowledge exchange with industry and policy makers, and provide a channel for the public communication of their research.

Download: Social Media: A guide for researchers

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