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“And suddenly the Ainur saw afar off a light,
as it were a cloud with a living heart of flame;
and they knew that this was no vision only,
but that Ilúvatar had made a new thing:
Eä, the World that Is.”
(J. R. R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion)


It is our great pleasure to present you Eä – Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology, a periodical electronic journal in an interactive format publishing papers on Medical Humanities and Social Studies of Science and Technology.

The creation of this journal is situated in the junction of two streams. The first one is the need of joining two academic fields: on one hand, exact, natural, and biomedical sciences and on the other hand social sciences, humanities and arts, as we look for an integrated vision of the human being, his practices and his environment. And, second one is the necessity of integrating these disciplines with the new ways of communication of the 21st century: digital communication, new developments of Information Technology (IT), the importance of multimedia and the boom of the social networks.

aims to be, not only a prestigious publication, but also an every-day meeting point for people with common interests, gathering them together in the same place and time, in spite of geographical distances. This new project, created under the Web 2.0 paradigm, attracts its readers every day to make them a relevant piece in the game of the community of ideas. We promote interactivity, collaboration and an agile interchange of information between those who visit the journal. This way we seek to offer a place for interaction and cooperation where it is possible to meet other colleagues on-line, interchange ideas and generate joint endeavors of national, regional, and international scope, and also to foster the efforts of other institutions, groups and publications in these scientific disciplines.

This initiative, which started a year ago as a vision, today has become a “World that Is”. We invite you all to dwell in this world and give it its light.



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